Membership Fees

Tyne United membership operates on a monthly standing order system. The Committee understand it isn’t possible for everyone to pay an annual subscription.

As well as offering the best rowing facilities on the Tyne we are also proud to offer the most competitive rates despite having our great facilities including the rowing tank.

The various rates below demonstrate our desire to attract and keep members of all age groups.

  Membership Charge Facilities Hire Coaching Fees Total Monthly Subscription
Full £6.25 £18.75 £18.30 £43.30
Offpeak £3.75 £11.25 £18.30 £33.30
19-23 years £4.69 £14.06 £18.30 £37.05
J15-J18  £4.06 £12.19 £15.50 £31.75
J14  £3.12 £9.38 £15.50 £28.00
Associate (social) £6.25 £6.25 N/A £12.50

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