Tyne United New Year's Head 2022

Tyne United New Year's Head 2022


The Tyne United / Durham University Boat Club New Year's head will take place on Saturday 22nd January 2022 Racing 4.5km upstream on the River Tyne from Scotswood to Newburn. 


Racing 4.5k upstream on the River Tyne from Scotswood to Newburn.

A Great Start to the 2022 Head Racing Season!

Division 1: 10:30 (Provisional start)
O8+, OJ18 8+,
W4+, W4-, W4x-, W4x+, WJ18 4x-, WJ18 4+,
OJ16 4x-, OJ16 4+,
WMAS 8+, Mxd MAS 8+, OMAS 4x-, OMAS 4x+,
OMAS 4-, -OMAS 4+,
O2x, OJ18 2x,W2-,WJ18 2-,W1x, WJ18 1x, WMas 1x
Mxd MAS 2x.

Division 2: 1:30pm (Provisional start)
W8+, WJ18 8+,
O4+, O4-, O4x-, O4x+, OJ18 4x-, OJ184+,
WJ16 4x-, WJ16 4+, Mxd MAS 4x-,
OMAS 8+, WMAS 4x-, WMAS 4x+, WMAS 4-, WMAS 4+,
O2-, OJ18 2-, W2x, WJ18 2x, O1x, OJ18 1x, OMas 1x.

All entries must be made using BROE2.

COVID: Participating clubs must abide by the competition specific Covid- 19 precautions which will be published in advance of the competition. Participating clubs must have their own precautions in place for sharing of equipment.

Any competitors who are not doubling up should attend, race and then leave the competition site to reduce the numbers who are on site at any one time. There will be no indoor changing facilities apart from toilets (or other facilities such as showers in the case of capsizes or other emergency or medical need) , so all competitors must wear suitable clothing for cold conditions.

Participating clubs will be allocated to one of the 3 local club sites once entries are closed so that numbers attending can be managed taking into account local and government guidelines.

SPECTATORS: Clubs must not bring or encourage spectators to attend the competition who are not helpers, competitors or trailer drivers.
ENTRY FEES: Eights £80 (£64 Juniors), Fours/quads £40 (£32 Juniors), Doubles/Pairs £20 (£16 Juniors) Singles £10 (£8 Juniors).
CLOSE OF ENTRIES: 12:00 Noon on Saturday 15th January 2021. DRAW 8.00pm on Sunday 16th January 2022 at Tyne United Rowing Club.
PAYMENT: Entry fees must be paid through BROE2 by 6.00pm on Sunday 16th January 2022. Any refund for scratched crews after this time is solely at Tyne United RC's discretion. Please email or ring to discuss if you cannot pay online.
AGE RESTRICTION: All competitors must be J15 or older.
BOATING: Depending on number of entries, boating may be from Tyne Amateur Rowing Club, Tyne United Rowing Club or Newcastle University Boat Club.
The final start order with boating times will issued in the week before the event and will indicate location; this must be adhered to.
All crews must be able to get on and off the water unaided as boat marshalls will not be able to provide assistance. Any crew that is unable to boat on its own will not be allowed to race.
LIMIT ON NUMBER OF CREWS: The maximum number of boats in each division for safety reasons and due to Covid-19 restrictions, and to limit marshalling time, will be 65. This limit will be enforced whether or not more than 65 entries have been made on BROE. We will endeavour to suspend entries at 65. If the maximum entry limit is reached we will operate a reserve list and use this to replace any crews that scratch before the draw is published.
To ensure that we can run a safe event which the best number of crews can enter whilst maintaining social distancing, we reserve the right to limit the number of boats in each division to less than 65 (depending on the mix of entries received) , to not accept entries where there are less than three entries in a race category, to limit the number of entries that we accept for any boat type (such as 8s) or in any specific race category and/or to limit the number of entries from any one Club where the maximum entry limit for a race category or division is reached.
WEIGHING IN: Given COVID restrictions, coxes will not be required to weigh in before boating. Clubs and coaches are responsible for ensuring that coxes meet the minimum weight and spot checks may be carried out. Coxes please remember to bring ballast if under-weight as this will NOT be supplied.
EVENT CANCELLATION: Race cancellations are at the discretion of the Race Committee and will be made if it is clear at any time before or on the day of the race that either the weather conditions mean that the race cannot be run safely or that the prevailing COVID-19 regulations mean that it is not possible to run an event or the competition. In the event of partial or total cancellation Tyne United RC will make a refund but retain a proportion of race fees so as to cover its unavoidable costs.

MIXED CREWS: Must contain at least 50% women.
SUBSTITUTIONS: should be made as far as possible on BROE2 by noon on the day before the race. Any further substitutions must be reported on the day to race control. Any substitutions must be reported before the start of racing and any crew racing with unreported substitutions will be disqualified.

NUMBERS: Plastic Empacher slot numbers and Back Numbers will be issued. Boats should be equipped with the appropriate fixture. Please return the numbers afterwards. Numbers will be issued at each of the 3 local clubs.

PRIZES & UPGRADING: There will be prizes in events with three or more entries in the final draw and at least two starting. If there are sufficient entries in an event we will band the event, including Masters. We reserve the right to say that crews will ‘row up’ (or for Masters, row in a combined age group using the British Rowing handicap system) so as to give as many crews as possible the chance of a prize. Unfortunately there will be no prize giving and prizes will be sent to winning crews after the competition.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Coaches must ensure all crews, but especially juniors and novices, are capable of boating with minimal assistance, are able to cope with conditions that might be expected in January on a large tidal river and are dressed appropriately. Marshals may require any crew to return to the steps at any time after boating if it appears that they do not have appropriate clothing or are not capable of boating without assistance or managing the conditions. Refunds of race fees will not be made in these circumstances unless the whole event is cancelled.

RACE SCHEDULE: Owing to the need to maintain social distancing, tidal and water conditions and limited light at the end of the day, we must stick to the published boating and start times. Detailed boating schedules will be issued in the week before the event and will be strictly enforced. Crews not ready to boat at the scheduled time may receive a time penalty and will be sent to the back of the queue. Any crew not at the start & under the control of the marshals by 10 minutes before the scheduled start time may not be allowed to start.
ALTERATIONS: Tyne United RC reserves the right to make any alterations to these arrangements and instructions which it deems necessary for the safe and efficient promotion of the event and to comply with relevant COVID-19 regulations .
ENQUIRIES AND EVENT DOCUMENTS: Enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 0780 8612497. All event documents will be posted on the New Year’s Head page of our website at www.tyneunited.co.uk

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