Learn to Row

We offer a range of adult and junior learn to row courses each year, these include adult day and evening courses. Taster sessions are also available free of charge.

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Join the Club

If you have rowed before or have just completed one of our Learn to Row courses, we would love to welcome you as a member into the club.

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2018 Sculling Camps

We will be hosting two Masters Sculling camps in 2018. The course emphasis will be on improving single sculling skills, confidence and racing technique.

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Tyne United Rowing Club is one of the leading clubs in the North East.  We row on one of the best tidal rivers in the country.  From our base on the Gateshead side of the river Tyne we offer great camaraderie, professional coaching, fantastic facilities plus an opportunity to take your rowing to the next level.  Alternatively you can gently paddle, taking in the wildlife and a great view.    

If you would like to join us our Learn to Row courses cater for juniors and adults and we actively welcome new members who have relocated to North East or those who have simply decided to rekindle their love of rowing.



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Sunday, 27 November 2016 08:30

Rutherford Head - Saturday 26th Nov 2016

Well done all crews.

W.J16A.4x- (Division 1)

  • Lucy F, Daisy, Hannah H and Dulcie - 1st place

J16A.4x- (Division 2)

  • Michael, Will, Matt H and Ethan T-F - 3rd place (only 1.1 secs behind York in 2nd)

W.Nov.4x+ (Division 1)

  • Catherine, Taylor, Harriet and Emily. Cox Elysia - 1st Place

IM3.4x+ (Division 2)

  • Max, Tom H, Chas and Luke. Cox Taylor  - 3rd place
  • Jed, Sam B, Mark and Mathew R. Cox Lucy F - 1st place

The above IM3 crews had been upgraded a category as there was insufficient competition in their original category so very well done.

If you have any photos please e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or share them to the same address using dropbox. Thanks

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Sunday, 17 April 2016 11:30

Water Safety

Tyne United row on the River Tyne and can row from Wylam in the West right down to Newcastle Quayside, there's lots of water to train on. It's one of the best rowing rivers in the UK and the venue for some major regional and national races. The river Tyne is a dangerous river if not respected, if we treat the river with the level of respect it deserves it is one of the greatest in the world and provides some of the best rowing conditions.

This page provides links to general and River Tyne specific water safety information.

Guidance from Regional Safety Adviser following recent collision

A collision and capsize occurred on the morning of Saturday 23rd April 2016 in the middle of the river between the club steps and the slipway at Newburn sports centre. Boats involved were a fine 4- and a fine 2x. As a result of the incident report submitted to the regional water safety advisor the following points have been raised:

  • Boats should avoid performing a pivot turn in the middle of the river
  • Boats should either take a wide turn or a turn at right angles to the opposite bank and then cross the river allowing sight in both directions of oncoming boats
  • Boats should be extra mindful on outings where there are a lot of boats on the river for the need to keep an effective lookout

Row Safe

Here is a link which has details of British Rowing’s information on row safe. www.britishrowing.org/row-safe again Tyne United has the welfare of our members and people visiting our site high in our priorities, Jack Wilkinson is our Water Safety Officer, if you have any questions on this link please contact Jack.

Tyne Safety Code

The River Tyne Safety Code was developed jointly by all of the Newburn based clubs. The Code details what you need to know about local conditions on the Tyne and provides guidance to help to keep you safe on the river, including: which side to row on, where our training and beginners areas are and what hazards to look out for and avoid. The Tyne safety Code can be downloaded from this page.

Launch driving

If you are a launch driver please ensure that you have read the British Rowing Launch Driving document that can be downloaded from this page.

Online incident reporting

If you have an incident or witness one please use British Rowing’s online incident reporting – go to http://incidentreporting.britishrowing.org. This is not about blame or shame: it’s to help the club monitor risks and hazards and if necessary take action to improve safety. If we don’t know what little accidents or near misses are happening to you, we can’t do anything to help.

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016 14:07

Masters Women


The club welcomes everyone to row, regardless of age (or size). Scarily you actually become a master’s rower at the age of 27. All the local regattas have master’s events and different age groups can row against each other with a handicap system. We welcome all new members, whether you are coming back to rowing after a break or moving up from the Development Squad. For those who have never rowed you begin by joining one of our Learn to Row courses and will then progress into the development squad, before joining the main group.
The Women's Masters Squad train Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6.00pm and Saturday mornings 8.00am and 10.30am. You can attend as many or as few of these sessions as you wish, but if you plan to compete we recommend you attend training as often as possible.


For those wishing to compete we offer great racing experiences for various abilities. These range from the fun loving, highly competitive, Explore Series, which is a fun and friendly introduction to racing; through the local regatta and head races all the way up to the National Championships. We target the biggest regattas and heads in the country. We race both sweep and sculling, competing on average once a month.

Recreational Rowing

We recognise that not everyone wishes to compete and some just row for pleasure and to keep fit. On a Saturday 10.30am-12.30pm we offer a more recreational session. This allows those that do not wish to compete or are newer to rowing to develop their skill level and mix in boats with more experienced rowers, who will help them develop their skill level.


Rowing is a great way to keep fit and a chance to meet new people in a fun and friendly atmosphere. If you are interested in joining our squad then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can arrange for you to come down for a taster session and meet everyone.

We are Tyne United Masters Women


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