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Tyne United Rowing Club is one of the leading clubs in the North East.  We row on one of the best tidal rivers in the country.  From our base on the Gateshead side of the river Tyne we offer great camaraderie, professional coaching, fantastic facilities plus an opportunity to take your rowing to the next level.  Alternatively you can gently paddle, taking in the wildlife and a great view.    

If you would like to join us our Learn to Row courses cater for juniors and adults and we actively welcome new members who have relocated to North East or those who have simply decided to rekindle their love of rowing.



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Thursday, 08 June 2017 07:53

Hexham Regatta 2017

Hexham Regatta junior squad results

9 crews won as follows:

  • WJ13A 2x Maisie and Ciara (Hexham)
  • WJ14A 2x Anna and Lucy
  • WJ14B 4x+ Georgia, Charlotte, Maisie, Ella Cox Harriet
  • J13 1x Ben S
  • J13 4x+ Maisie and Ciara, Toni and Lucy from Hexham Cox Owen (Hexham) rowing in the boys race!!
  • J15 1x Michael
  • J15A 2x Will and Russell (Cambois)
  • J15B 2x Max and Fraser
  • J15A 4x+ Michael, Will, Russell (Cambois), Luke Cox Elysia

The following 9 crews were runners-up in the finals (2nd place):

  • WJ13 1x Charlotte
  • WJ13 2x Georgia and Charlotte
  • WJ14 1x Anna
  • WJ14 4x+ Anna, Lucy, Elizabeth, Sophia Cox Amelia
  • J13 4x+ Ben S, Jamie, Chris, Ben W (Hexham) Cox Owen (Hexham)
  • J14 4x+ Ethan K, Jamie and Joachim and Owen from Hexham Cox Lucy (Hexham)
  • J15 2x Michael and Luke
  • J15A 4x+ Chas, Tom H, Ethan K, Kaan (CLS) Cox Harriet
  • J15B 4x+ Max, Fraser and Max and Justin from Hexham

Well done everyone.

Thursday, 08 June 2017 07:50

Wansbeck Regatta 2017

Wansbeck Regatta Results

10 winners in finals!!!


  • WJ13.2x Charlotte Hudson and Maisie Aspinall
  • WJ13 4x+ Maisie Aspinall (Hexham composite)
  • J13 2x Jamie Setch and Ben Summers (in their first regatta)
  • WJ14A 2x Anna Styles and Lucy Cardno
  • WJ14B 2x Marnie Rooney and Sophia Riley
  • WJ14 4x+ Anna, Lucy C, Marnie, Sophia and Cox Amelia
  • WJ15A 2x Elysia Kirtley and Harriet Marshall
  • J15 4x+ Michael, Will, Luke Taylor and Ethan Cox Harriet
  • J16 2x Michael Bessent and Will Viney (rowing up from J15)
  • J16 mixed 4x- Lucy Fraser, Hannah Holliday, Matt Hudson, Ethan Taylor- Foley

9 other finalists who came 2nd:

  • WJ13 1x Charlotte
  • WJ13 2x Georgia and Ciara (Hexham)
  • J13 4x+ Jamie, Ben S, Chris Milsted, Ben W (Hexham)
  • WJ13 1x Anna
  • J14 1x Ethan King
  • J15 1x Luke
  • J15 2x Will and Russell Fairlie (Cambois)
  • J18 2x Matt and Ethan (rowing up from J16)
  • Seniors mixed 4x- Lucy F, Hannah H, Matt, Ethan T-F (rowing up from J16).

Well done everyone. Four crews rowed up for some extra competition.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 10:11

Durham City Regatta May 2017

Durham City Regatta

Well done everyone and thank you to all the parent helpers, the junior section had 6 wins despite the absence of several crews due to exams and other commitments. We had 4 composite crews with Hexham for the J13 girls. Almost all crews won their first race and lots of crews reached the finals. It was bit windy for most of the weekend which made steering difficult but apart from that the conditions were good.

Winning Crews on Saturday:

  • J15.1x - Michael Bessent
  • J16.1x - Ethan Taylor-Foley
  • J15.2x - Michael Bessent and Will Viney
  • J16.2x - 1st Matt Hudson and Ethan Taylor-Foley
Matt Hudson and Tom Brewer rowed up to J18.2x and reached the final after beating some good crews. Luke Taylor won his first two heats in the J15 single.  Other rowers who also performed well today were Georgia, Maisie, Charlotte, Amelia (cox), Elizabeth, Sophia, Ethan King, Max Forrest and Fraser Hutt.

Winning Crews on Sunday:

  • WJ13.2x - Charlotte and Maisie
  • J15.4x+ - Will, Ethan K, Chas and Luke
Georgia, Elizabeth, Elysia, Harriet, Ella, Marnie and Sophia also rowed well and Amelia coxed well as usual. Elizabeth rowed well in her first race in a single. The J13 girls quad and J14 girls quad got to the final. Well done everyone.


Friday, 05 May 2017 14:28

Chester le Street Regatta 2017

Chester-le-Street Regatta results.

We were involved in 54 races yesterday, there were 320 entries for the event and over 200 races. Most juniors won their first heat and most progressed through semi-finals to finals.

We had 3 all TURC finals as follows:

  • WJ14 2x Elizabeth/Sophia v Marnie/Ella won by Elizabeth/Soph
  • J15 1x Michael and Will won by Michael
  • J16 1x Ethan T-F and Matt H won by Ethan

Special mention:

Due to the high number of competing crews the J15 2x was a trophy race, well done to Michael and Will for winning the Cameron Strongarm Trophy for the club.

The J13 girls (Georgia, Maisie and Charlotte) had their own quad for the first time ever which was a composite crew with Hayley from Hexham RC. There were 6 crews in their event and they won all their races including the final even though they had never rowed together before!

We also had the following wins:

  • WJ16 4x- Lucy, Dulcie, Hannah, Lily
  • J15 2x Michael and Will
  • J16 2x Matt H and Ethan T-F

Photos courtesy of Angela's Rowing Photographs

Monday, 24 April 2017 19:50

2017 Junior Inter-Regional Regatta

JIRR results.

The Northern Region were 7th out of 12 regions which is good considering the low number of rowers in our region compared to some of the other regions.

The following crews reached the A final:

  • J14 2x Sam L and Ethan K were 6th out of 11 crews overall
  • J15 2x Michael and Will were 5th out of 11 crews overall

The following crews were in the B final:

  • WJ16 4x- Lucy F, Hannah H, Catherine, Dulcie were 11th out of 12 crews overall
  • J16 2x Matt H and Tom B were 7th out of 12 crews overall
  • J16 4x Ethan T-F in CLS composite was 9th out of 9 crews overall Our club managed to get a lot of points for the region.

Out of 9 clubs representing the region we were 2nd behind Chester-le-Street ARC.

Well done everyone for being selected to represent the region and for performing well against top crews from the whole of England and Wales.

Ponteland Head - Tyne United Junior Squad win Victor Ludorum Trophy

It has been confirmed that Tyne United Junior Squad won the Victor Ludorum Trophy at the 2017 Ponteland Head.

This weekend saw TURC juniors competing in the Northumberland Indoor Rowing Championships and also at BRIC (British Rowing Indoor Championships) winning a record number of medals in both competitions and Michael breaking a World record for the 500m (13 to 14 years) and Jamie breaking the previous British record for 500m under 12.

Sunday, 27 November 2016 08:30

Rutherford Head - Saturday 26th Nov 2016

Well done all crews.

W.J16A.4x- (Division 1)

  • Lucy F, Daisy, Hannah H and Dulcie - 1st place

J16A.4x- (Division 2)

  • Michael, Will, Matt H and Ethan T-F - 3rd place (only 1.1 secs behind York in 2nd)

W.Nov.4x+ (Division 1)

  • Catherine, Taylor, Harriet and Emily. Cox Elysia - 1st Place

IM3.4x+ (Division 2)

  • Max, Tom H, Chas and Luke. Cox Taylor  - 3rd place
  • Jed, Sam B, Mark and Mathew R. Cox Lucy F - 1st place

The above IM3 crews had been upgraded a category as there was insufficient competition in their original category so very well done.

If you have any photos please e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or share them to the same address using dropbox. Thanks