Junior Learn to Row 2021

2021 Junior Learn to Row Courses - Book your place now.

Our Upcoming 2021 Junior Learn-To-Row Courses

This year's dates 21 May to 11 July Friday evenings

About the Course

These Junior Learn to Row courses will be held over 8 weeks on a Friday evening from 6.00-8.00pm.

The charge will be £80, which covers the use of the facilities, equipment such as the indoor rowing tank and the coaching staff. 

Typically, the course commences with several indoor sessions learning the basics before venturing out onto the water.

Indoor sessions include learning good rowing technique on the ergo (indoor rowing machine) and on our indoor rowing tank. 

The initial phase also includes learning to follow the relevant commands and instructions, water safety and boat handling.  The first session on the water is always exciting, typically this session will start with a warm up in the gym before going onto the water. Juniors are taught how to prepare their boats for the session, including the vital safety checks and how to carry their boats to the water and launch them safely and correctly. 

This is great for developing teamwork skills, communication, responsibility as well as developing friendships.  The first outing on the water will always be in a stable boat, normally a coxed quadruple sculling boat with the learn to rowers taking it in turns to cox.  Coaches will be on the water with the juniors in a safety launch. At the end of the session juniors will be expected to clean their boat before returning it to the boat shed.  As with all outdoor sports rowing is weather dependent, if the weather is bad sessions are held indoors on our indoor rowing tank.

Our aim is that by the end of the course the 'learn to rower' will have built confidence rowing in stable boats, enjoyed themselves, become fitter, made friends and started learning some wider life skills such as taking responsibility, teamwork and communication.

Learn to Row courses cost in the region of £80 per person, this includes professional coaching, use of boats and facilities and temporary club membership.

What comes next? 

The junior learn to row course leads straight into our Junior Squad, here you technique will be perfected and worked on with our team of coaches. This takes the individual from rowing in larger more stable boats through to becoming confident in a wider range of boats leading ultimately to rowing in a 'fine' racing single.  

What to do if you are interested - Free Taster Sessions

Contact our Junior Section Coordinator, Jonty Reid at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register for the next course and/or to arrange a free taster session. Jonty can arrange for you to have a look around the club, check out our indoor rowing tank and facilities, join in with some land training if you fancy it and have a chat to our great team of coaches and existing juniors. The Club house is on the south bank of the Tyne next to the Newburn bridge.

Who can join the course

We encourage girls and boys from the age of 12 years up to 17 years to register for the course.  You must be able to swim a minimum of 100m wearing sports clothing in order to join the course, this will be tested during our annual capsize test.  If you have any special needs or requirements please contact our junior coordinator to discuss them.