Senior Men

Before you sign on the dotted line and wonder what you ever did with your life before you joined us we thought you might like to get to know our Senior Men’s Squad a little better.


Our Squad is aged between 17 and 27 years old, it combines the skill and strength of Northumbria University and members of Tyne United to create a squad with depth and success at both local and national events 

 Rowing is team sport!  We Learn Together, We Train Together, We Win Together 

 The senior squad is made up of recent graduates finding their way in the world and students  forgetting about the real world!


Training Times:

Join us Tuesday and Thursday evenings for water or land training.

Weekend comprises of two mornings of water work, pushing for those wins!

You would then also be able to train your own time with other squad members. 


Our squad is guided by the steady hand of Coach Alex Pattinson, coaching the squad at all levels the squad benefits from his 11 years Rowing coaching experience, personal training qualifications and degrees in sports coaching, sports science and sports therapy. He has helped build the combined squad of student and civilian to our biggest yet.

The aim of the squad is to continue to increase the size of the squad over the next 3 years to increase the number of local wins at both Head races and Regattas. To Continue to make a name for ourselves out of region. 



Joining the senior squad 

Our Novices are taken through a "Learn to Row " programme with a coach over a period of several weeks.  Following this they will be integrated into the squad for with people of similar experience. This is when the learning really starts!

Experienced rowers will be integrated into the squad, please let us know your level of experience.  For example any points you have and your local, regional or even national experience.




We compete locally in the North east usually each month over 5km.

In addition we travel "down south" to Nottingham and London for the lager events over 6-7km. 


Regatta season begins! Sprints from 500m to 2000m

Competing locally, regionally and nationally we will be racing every 2-4 weeks. 



Squad achievements


Most recently:




Eights head of the year river race - London

Placed 124th new best placing 

First time entering two eights 

Fastest Im3 club eight in the north east!

Our Novice four winning at our local head races and in Nottingham against stiff competition. 



Tyne Sculling ahead

Our senior men hold the title of fastest boat of the day! 


Boston marathon 50km

Fastest double of the day!


Henley qualifiers

Wyfold four- 2nd fastest Non-Qualifiers 


Durham Regatta est. 1834

Novices Four Winners!

Elite Pair Winners!

Elite coxless Four Winners!


Hexham regatta 

Elite coxless four winners!

IM2 pairs winners!


Durham Small Boats Head 

Fastest Coxless four!

Fastest Double!