Patrick V

Patrick V

Monday, 03 September 2018 15:03

TURC Small Boats Head 2018

Tyne United Rowing Club Small Boats Head

Saturday 6th October 2018

Scotswood to Newburn (4500m)

Monday, 20 March 2017 17:15

2017 TURC Medal Winners

Northumberland Indoor Rowing Championships

Year 10 Boys Will Viney (Gold)
Year 7 Girls Eloise Woods (Gold)
Year 9 Girls Anna Styles (Gold), Lucy Cardono (Bronze)
Year 11 Girls Catherine Woods (Gold)

British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC)

Year 7 Girls (500m) Alex Morrell (Gold)
Year 8 Boys (500m) Jamie Setch (Silver)
Year 10 Boys (500m) Michael Bessent (Gold - World Record)
Year 9 Boys (4 mins) Ethan King (Silver)
Year 10 Boys (5 mins) Michael Bessent (Gold)

Tyne United New Year's Head

 J17A.2x Winners TYU Phillison TTA Smith
 MasD.4x- Winners TYU Corker
 J16.2x - Winners Tom Brewer / Matthew Hudson
 J16 4x- Winners Ethan Taylor-Foley / Chas Ladhar / Matthew Robinson / Sam Bowhill

Gateshead Indoor Rowing Championships

Year 9 Boys - 1st place Ethan King (Gold)
Year 10 Boys - 1st place Michael Bessent (Gold), Luke Taylor (Silver)
Year 11 Boys - 1st place Ethan Taylor-Foley (Gold), Matthew Robinson (Silver)
Year 12/13 Boys Mark S (Gold)
Year 10 Girls Hannah H (Bronze)

English Indoor Rowing Championships

J12 Girls Eloise Woods (Gold)
J16 Girls Catherine Woods (Gold)

Newcastle Junior Indoor Rowing Championships

Year 7 Girls Alex Morrell
Year 8 Girls Charlotte Hudson
Year 11 Girls Lucy Pearce, Dulcie Robinson
Year 8 Boys Jamie Setch, Ben Tindale
Year 10 boys Thomas Hyman
Year 11 Boys Tom Brewer, Matthew Hudson

Tyne and Wear Indoor Rowing Championships

Year 10 Boys Michael Bessent (Gold), Luke Taylor (Silver)
Year 8 Boys Jamie Setch (Gold)
Year 9 Boys Ethan King (Gold)
Year 11 Boys Ethan Taylor-Foley (Gold), Tom Brewer (Bronze)
Year 11 Girls Lily Pearce (Silver)
Year 11/12 Boys Mark Schweitzer (Silver)

JIRR Trials - To represent Northern Region at Junior Inter Regional Regatta

J14 2x Ethan King, Sam Law
J15 2x Michael Bessent, Will Viney
J16 2x Tom Brewer, Matthew Hudson
WJ16 4x- Hannah Holliday, Dulcie Robinson, Catherine Woods, Lucy Fraser
J16 4x- Ethan Taylor-Foley in composite crew with Chester le Street

Northern Regional Indoor Rowing Championships

Year 8 Boys Jamie Setch (Gold)
Year 9 Boys Ethan King (Gold)
Year 10 Boys Michael Bessent (Gold)
Year 11 Girls Catherine Woods (Bronze)
Year 9 Girls Anna Styles (Silver)

Tyne Head

W.IM3.4x+ (1st place) Lucy Fraser, Catherine Woods, Dulcie Robinson, Hannah Holliday, Charlotte Hudson (cox)
J15.4x+ (1st place) Will Viney, Max Forrest, Thomas Hyman, Luke Taylor, Charlotte Hudson (cox)
MasC/D.4x- Corker
W.IM2.4x- TYU/CLS - Furniss
W.IM3.4x+ TYU-Robinson
MasC/D/E.4x+ TYU-Shiel

Ponteland Junior Head

Victor Ludorum Winners : TURC

WJ14 1x (winner) Anna S
WJ14 2x (winners) Anna S & Lucy C
WJ16 4x- (winners) Lucy, Hannah, Dulcie, Catherine
J15 1x (winner) Michael B
J15 2x (winners) Michael B, Will V
J15 4x+ (winners) Will  V, Michael B, Tom H, Luke, Elysia (cox)
J16 1x (winner) Ethan TF
J16 2x (winners) Matt H, Tom B
J16 4x- (winners) Matt H, Tom B, Ethan TF, Matthew R
J18 2x (winners) Arun / Talkin Tarn composite

Strathclyde Park Regatta

OJ18 2x (winners) Arun and James
ORes1 4x- (winners) Josh, Arun, Elliot and Andy

Chester le Street Regatta

Cameron Strongarm Cup winners: Will Viney and Michael Bessent

WJ13 4x+ (winners) Georgia, Maisie, Charlotte and Hayley(Hexham)
WJ14 2x (winners) Elizabeth and Sophia
WJ16 4x- (winners) Lucy, Hannah, Dulcie, Lily
J15 1x (winner) Michael B
J15 2x (winners) Michael B, Will V
J16 1x (winner) Ethan TF
J16 2x (winners) Matt H, Ethan TF

Durham City Regatta

J15 1x (Saturday - winner) Michael B
J15 2x (Saturday - winners) Michael B, Will V
J16 1x (Saturday - winner) Ethan TF
J16 2x (Saturday - winners) Matt H, Ethan TF
WJ13 2x (Sunday - winners) Charlote, Maisie
J15 4x+ (Sunday - winners) Will V, Ethan K, Chas L, Luke T Elysia (cox)

Tees Regatta

 J15 1x  Luke T

Wansbeck Regatta

 WJ13 2x Charlotte and Maisie
 WJ13 4x+ Maisie (Hexham composite)
 J13 2x Jamie and Ben (1st regatta)
 WJ14A 2x Anna and Lucy
 WJ14B 2x Marnie and Sophia
 WJ14 4x+ Anna, Lucy C, Marnie, Sophia and Cox Amelia
 WJ15 Elysia and Harriet
 J15 4x+ Michael, Will, Luke and Ethan Cox Harriet
 J16 2x Michael and Will (Rowing up an age group)
J16 Mixed 4x- Lucy, Hannah, Matt and Ethan TF


Monday, 06 March 2017 22:01

Self-Employed Rowing Coach Vacancy

Rowing Coach Vacancy

Tyne United Rowing Club is seeking one or more self-employed Rowing Coaches to undertake coaching services for a number of the Club rowing squads, commencing as soon as possible.

The main requirement is for a coach to work with our junior co-ordinator and provide coaching to the junior squad, but the Club also has a requirement for a coach to be involved in coaching its senior squad and masters' squad crews. In addition, through our partnership with Northumbria University there is an opportunity to coach the Northumbria University squad at both experienced and development levels.

We are very pleased and grateful that Rowing Foundation have made a grant to TURC which will enable us to buy a new coxed quad/four for the junior squad, relieve the shortage of boats and enable us to get more of our growing junior squad out on the water. We are hoping that the boat will arrive soon and will post photos when it does. Watch this space!

Saturday, 12 November 2016 21:19

Durham LDS / SBH - 5th November 2016

The results for our crews in the Durham LDS are:

  • J16 4x- 2nd to CLS by 1 second at 6th overall out of 124 crews in the LDS which is fantastic. That's Mathew R, Jed, Sam B and Ethan F.
  • J16 2x Matt H and Tom 1st and 10th overall in the LDS. 2nd double in the LDS which is fantastic as well.
  • J15 1x Michael 1st and 27th out of 124 boats overall.J15 1x Will 4th (47th overall)
  • WJ16 4x+ 2nd to QE by 3 seconds but beat CLS by 0.6secs (54th overall). That's Dulcie, Hannah H, Daisy and Catherine (it was Catherine's first race).
  • WJ16 1x Lucy F 1st (71st overall)
  • J14 2x Sam L and Ethan K 2nd (87th overall)
  • WJ15 2x Anna S (WJ14) and Taylor 4th (101st overall)
  • WJ18 2x Emily and Gia (WJ17) 3rd (102nd overall)
Durham SBH results:
  • J16 2x Matt and Ethan 1st in class (25th overall out of 108)
  • J15 2x Michael and Will 1st in class (26th overall)
  • J15 4x+ 3rd in class (49th overall)
  • J15  1x Ethan K 2nd in class (58th overall)
  • WJ16 2x Dulcie and Lucy 3rd in class (72nd overall)
  • WJ16 2x Diasy and Hannah H 4th in class (89th overall)
  • J18 1x Mark S 5th in class (90th overall)
Well done junior squad, that's 5 wins today. Well done everyone getting through the bridge without capsizing.
Picture (the better quality ones) courtesy of Al Johnston
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 09:19


Tyne LDS:

The senior men of Tyne United and Northumbria University united to compete in the IM2 4x- category and put up a highly competitive race (finish time 17.12.2) only just losing out to the fastest boat of the day by 2 seconds. Great effort guys!


The senior women of Tyne United and Northumbria University united to take a strong victory in the WIM3 4x- category (finish time 19.35).

Saturday, 22 October 2016 20:40

Tyne LDS / TURC SBH 22nd October 2016

Tyne LDS results

There were the following wins:

  • J15 2x - Michael and Will (1st in class, 32nd overall)
  • J16 4x- Lucy F, Daisy, Hannah H and Dulcie (1st in class, 34th overall)

The following crews also took part:

  • J16 4x- Mathew R, Jed, Max (J15) and Ethan T-F (3rd in class, 21st overall)
  • J18 2x - Mark S and Josh H (2nd in class, 90th overall)
  • WJ15 4x+ - Elizabeth (WJ14), Elysia, Harriet and Taylor with Charlotte coxing (4th place, 93rd overall)
  • J15 2x - Chas and Luke (4th in class, 103rd overall)
  • J14 2x - Ethan K (2nd in class, 108th overall)
  • WJ18 1x - Abbi (4th in class, 119th overall)
  • WJ18 2x - Emily and Hannah L (2nd in class, 121st overall)

Well done everyone particularly to Hannah H, Josh H, Elizabeth, Chas, Luke and Emily who have only learnt to row this year.  It is quite rare to have juniors rowing in the winter heads in their first year and Elizabeth and Luke only completed the short L2R course a week ago.

Thanks also to Max and Elizabeth for "rowing up" an age group to help complete crews. Several juniors were not available for the event as it is half-term.

TURC SBH results

Fantastic singles results of Ethan T-F, Michael, Will, Thomas H and Lucy F. Well done Ethan. Excellent attitude to training prior to the event as well.  It pays off. Ethan beat all other single scullers from all squads in the club!

Thomas - what did you have for breakfast? What a fantastic performance from somebody who has only just started rowing and only been in a single a few times. Michael and Will had better watch out!

Michael and Will - a very good performance with Michael winning the J15 1x class and Will not far behind. Considering Will has not rowed quite as much in a single that's brilliant. Let the battle continue!

Lucy F - well done battling it out with the older girls.  Good performance considering one of the rowers from another of our squads rowed into you during the race! Well done in teh quad in the morning as well winning the J16 4x- class

Any photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monday, 10 October 2016 14:57

Tyne United - Club Documents

Monday, 10 October 2016 06:37

Tees LDS/SBH 8th October 2016

I attach results for Tees LDS and SBH.

The TURC results in the LDS were:

  • 1st J16 2x Tom B and Matt H
  • 2nd J16 4x- Jed, James, Sam and Ethan F
  • 1st J15 2x Michael and Will
  • 2nd J15 4x+ Max, Chas, Thomas H, Luke and cox Charlotte
  • 2nd WJ15 2x Lucy C (J14) and Taylor

The TURC results in the SBH were:

  • 2nd WJ16 4x- Lucy, Hannah H, Daisy and Lucy F.

Well done to the crews and once again excellent steering on a course which looked like a roller coaster.

Monday, 03 October 2016 07:11

Wansbeck LDS / SBH: 1st October 2016

Coaches Report from Wansbeck

The junior squad had 5 wins on Saturday at Cambois Rowing Club on the Wansbeck.

The full TURC junior in the morning LDS results were:

  • 1st J16 2x Matthew Hudson and Tom Brewer
  • 1st J15 2x Michael Bessent and Will Viney
  • 1st WJ17 2x Lucy Fraser (WJ16) and Gia Smith
  • 1st WJ13 1x Charlotte Hudson
  • 1st J14 1x Ethan King
  • 3nd WJ16 2x Taylor Leck (J14) and Daisy Emerton
  • 5th WJ16 2x Hannah Easton and Shannon Elwell
  • 5th J15 4x+ Sam Law (J13), Max Forrest, Chas Ladhar, Tom Hyman Cox: Mathew Robinson
  • The TURC junior results in the afternoon SBH were:
  • 2nd WJ15 2x Lucy Cardno (J13) and Harriet Marshall
  • J16 4x- crew of Jed Anderson, James King, Matt Hudson and Ethan Taylor-Foley were the only crew in their category in the SBH but if LDS and SBH results are combined they were 2nd out of 3 crews.

Ethan King won a special prize for an outstanding performance for not only beating his J14 competitor but also beating the 3no. J15's in singles in the LDS.

All the results are fantastic.  Well done in particular to Charlotte, Hannah, Shannon, Chas and Tom in their first proper race and to everyone for steering so well along the tricky course.  I think that must be the first time for years that nobody has crashed at Wansbeck. It is a tricky course.

If you have any good photos please share them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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