Dan Lockey

Dan Lockey

Saturday, 02 February 2019 21:00

DURHAM SBH Event Summary

A good day at Durham and Thank you to Dan and Emma for all their help and Parents for supporting our Juniors.

We arrived shortly after 9am with the thermometer just reaching 0. The sun came out allowing the temperatires to break into positive numbers but the crews in the second division felt the cold, putting in a good performance with Emma partnering Rachel and coming away with a win in their category. Louise and Eloise completed a neat passage finishing creditably in the top half of their division.

Conditions were warmer in Division 3 where Eloise stepped in to replace a poorly cewmate, linking up with Freya, Joy and Elizabeth. A very inexperienced boat which had not raced together did very well and looked really good passing the families and coaches.
Division 4 was busy for Dan, getting Matt / Luke, Holly / Anna, Elizabeth / Amelia, Chris / Connor, Georgia, Oli, Louise and Eloise.

The team managed 2 division wins for Luke / Matthew looking good rowing together and Holly / Anna resuming their successful partnership of last year. Everyone else should be proud of their efforts and performance and this is a good springboard to the forthcoming season.

Go Team TURC


Tuesday, 22 May 2018 06:58

Tees Regatta - Saturday 19th May 2018

Well done to everyone who raced on Saturday at Tee's Regatta. You all did yourselves and the Club very proud. 

Throughout the day we had several wins and some very exciting racing. 

Congratulations to the following who won their events:

WJ14 2x

In the heat, Eloise and Louise and Louise stormed out of the start keeping level with their competition then at half way their strength and ability out classed the rest as they pulled further and further ahead to the point where we had to tell them to conserve their energy for their final. The final was a tough race again, with the two girls flying out of the start and weaving their way up the straight course, they won by a considerable number of lengths. 

WJ13 2x

Now this was a story, Eloise and Alex were up against CLS in their heat. The girls stormed up the course winning by almost 12 lengths. They won by such a margin that the umpires thought they were last in the race before. After managing to organise a proper final for the girls after they were wrongly classified, Eloise and Alex were successful in mastering the multi-lane course with a very convincing and considerable win over the DARC girls. 

Noticeable Mentions!!

J18 2x

This was possibly the toughest race of the day with all four crews level at 300m. The two TURC crews held onto each other and put in very strong and fast performances posting times faster than the majority of the larger crew boats of the day. Well done to both crews: Matt and Jed, Ethan and Ben

WJ14 1x

This was Louise’s first race in a single and she definitely gave her all. She led the race out of the start over Thorpe of Hexham all the way up until just before the bridge where her earlier morning efforts hit. Louise put in a very strong performance which she should be very proud of with some strong pointers which we can improve on. Well Done Louise! 

WJ18 2-

The week before saw Lucy and Hannah distance themselves above the DARC girls on their home water. Unfortunately, this week due to some boat allocation issues they were not in their usual boat, thus foreign territory. The girls held the off the Tee's pair until the bridge. Overall, the girls finished a mere one length behind the Tee's pair. Well Done considering the cards dealt to you!

Well done to everyone who raced, Saturday was a great day and has definitely continued on the success of last week! 

An exceptional performance for a small club.

Well done all, you definitely made us proud to assist in your training. 

The younger juniors will be at Wansbeck Regatta next weekend and the following weekend the full Club goes away to Hexham where we had an exceptional performance last year so hopefully this year will be as good, maybe even better! 

Well Done to everyone who raced today!! You all did yourselves and the club very proud.

Throughout the day we had several wins and some very exciting racing.

Congratulations to the following who won their events:

WJ15 2x All three crews put in some very impressive performances throughout their heats with The final almost ending up to be TURC vs TURC. With strong competition Anna and Holly comfortably won the final.

WJ14 8x+ Eloise and Louise were part of a composite boat with Hexham ARC, this crew has trained mostly at TURC with one session at DARC. With an old Empacher as their boat, the girls stormed through the heat and into the final which they won by 3 lengths.

WJ18 2- This was Hannah and Lucy’s first competition in the pair and it was definitely one to remember, they received a bye into the final and were up against DARC on their home water. The girls held onto DARC and pulled away up the course to win by 1.5 lengths.

J16 2x Luke and Will went through several heats going on to win each one with a very noticeable result. Their final was against QEHS - a tough race but another win.

Well done to everyone who raced, today was a great day and hopefully the start of a brilliant Summer Regatta Season for you all. An exceptional performance for a small club - Well done All, you definitely made me proud to assist in your training.

Thank you to all parents and family for your continued support!!

The club would like to thank Chris Bull from First Aid North East who kindly provided CPR and defibrillator training free of charge at the club on Monday 19th February 2018.

Thank you Chris for doing this and to Tracey Taylor for putting the club in touch with Chris.

To see what Chris does please visit http://www.firstaidnortheast.co.uk and like them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/firstaidnortheast