Aiming High

Leading the way ahead

Today we catch up with the very accomplished Amy McCarthy.

As a high performance junior athlete, I got the opportunity to compete at JIRR, Henley Women’s regatta and GB junior trials. I am now a British Rowing HRRCT coach, alongside my research masters degree.

Q What was your connection with TURC?

A I was invited to TURC by Gav Coates, junior coordinator at the time in 2010, after winning silver at the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships. I trained as a junior at TURC right up until I went to university in 2015.

Q What is your best memory of your time at TURC

A My best memory was a singles session up to Wylam and back, in about 28 degree heat with Angela Dixon as junior coordinator. We paddled up and it was roasting, on the way back torrential rain hit and we were soaked head to toe, but it was amazing!

Q What is your proudest rowing moment

A My proudest moment was after winning a silver medal at NJIRC 2010, and silver again at NJIRC 2012 – both times by 1m from first place – in 2013 I was in the winners pen with both rowers who’d beat me by 1m previously, and I came away with the gold.

Q What’s your favourite rowing venue/ event?
A My favourite venue and event was definitely Talkin’ Tarn regatta. Always guaranteed dodgy steering, near miss crashes, flat water and gorgeous weather! (And heatstroke after too).

Q How many bits of kit have lost?
A Remarkably one T-shirt to my double’s partner, a pair of sunglasses up in Wylam after being attacked by a bee, and numerous amounts of wellies after capsizing!

Q Who is your favourite sporting hero?

A My favourite sporting hero was Katherine Grainger, I got the opportunity to meet her after she won her London 2012 gold medal and she was a huge inspiration to my rowing career.

Q What is your favourite book about sport

A Unfortunately not much time for reading as I’m still studying my masters in research at Durham University; Just lots of journals on injury’s in rowers!

Q Any box set recommendations for lockdown

A Definitely After Life on Netflix!

Q Your favourite music to fire you up before a race

A Alex Pattinson used to only let us row to the likes of Skrillex, so it just stuck!

Q Name you favourite cake
A Definitely old school sponge cake, white icing and 100’s and 1000’s.

Q Any advice you’d like to give the club and it’s members?
A Stick in, stay safe and have fun. The sport of rowing is much more than just a club, and it’s something that will stick with you forever so make the most of it while you can.

Q Are you still involved with rowing and what is your current focus?

A Yes I’m still involved in rowing, but not as an athlete as I got injured. I am now a qualified club coach at British Rowing as a Henley Royal Regatta Charitable Trust Coach based at City of Sunderland Rowing Club. I also coach outreach rowing at Durham University, and support DUBC’s junior sculling camps annually. It’s rewarding now to run the county and regional indoor rowing competition based at Maiden Castle each year, as this is how I got into the sport of rowing.

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