Durham LDS / SBH – 5th November 2016

The results for our crews in the Durham LDS are:

  • J16 4x- 2nd to CLS by 1 second at 6th overall out of 124 crews in the LDS which is fantastic. That’s Mathew R, Jed, Sam B and Ethan F.
  • J16 2x Matt H and Tom 1st and 10th overall in the LDS. 2nd double in the LDS which is fantastic as well.
  • J15 1x Michael 1st and 27th out of 124 boats overall.J15 1x Will 4th (47th overall)
  • WJ16 4x+ 2nd to QE by 3 seconds but beat CLS by 0.6secs (54th overall). That’s Dulcie, Hannah H, Daisy and Catherine (it was Catherine’s first race).
  • WJ16 1x Lucy F 1st (71st overall)
  • J14 2x Sam L and Ethan K 2nd (87th overall)
  • WJ15 2x Anna S (WJ14) and Taylor 4th (101st overall)
  • WJ18 2x Emily and Gia (WJ17) 3rd (102nd overall)
Durham SBH results:
  • J16 2x Matt and Ethan 1st in class (25th overall out of 108)
  • J15 2x Michael and Will 1st in class (26th overall)
  • J15 4x+ 3rd in class (49th overall)
  • J15  1x Ethan K 2nd in class (58th overall)
  • WJ16 2x Dulcie and Lucy 3rd in class (72nd overall)
  • WJ16 2x Diasy and Hannah H 4th in class (89th overall)
  • J18 1x Mark S 5th in class (90th overall)
Well done junior squad, that’s 5 wins today. Well done everyone getting through the bridge without capsizing.
Picture (the better quality ones) courtesy of Al Johnston
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