DURHAM SBH Event Summary

A good day at Durham and Thank you to Dan and Emma for all their help and Parents for supporting our Juniors.

We arrived shortly after 9am with the thermometer just reaching 0. The sun came out allowing the temperatires to break into positive numbers but the crews in the second division felt the cold, putting in a good performance with Emma partnering Rachel and coming away with a win in their category. Louise and Eloise completed a neat passage finishing creditably in the top half of their division.

Conditions were warmer in Division 3 where Eloise stepped in to replace a poorly cewmate, linking up with Freya, Joy and Elizabeth. A very inexperienced boat which had not raced together did very well and looked really good passing the families and coaches.
Division 4 was busy for Dan, getting Matt / Luke, Holly / Anna, Elizabeth / Amelia, Chris / Connor, Georgia, Oli, Louise and Eloise.

The team managed 2 division wins for Luke / Matthew looking good rowing together and Holly / Anna resuming their successful partnership of last year. Everyone else should be proud of their efforts and performance and this is a good springboard to the forthcoming season.

Go Team TURC


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