Durham SBH

The women’s masters C double of Rachel and Sophie headed to DARC to take part in the SBH. The stories of Elvet Bridge crashes are part of local rowing folklore and this year proved no exception.

The day was mild but windy, which caused problems for many crews, as they tried to line up for the bridge. Luckily for our ladies they were in division 4, so the wind was starting to die down a little. They started well overtaking the crew ahead before Elvet. Upon lining up to take the bridge they were asked to take a look, as the crew ahead were sideways across the arch. After a momentary stop and a couple of light strokes, they were able to go through the bridge where they quickly overtook the next crew ahead of them and raced for the finish.  Not the quickest crew in their category, but a great row and Elvet Bridge was conquered, this time!

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