Hexham Regatta 2017

Hexham Regatta junior squad results

9 crews won as follows:

  • WJ13A 2x Maisie and Ciara (Hexham)
  • WJ14A 2x Anna and Lucy
  • WJ14B 4x+ Georgia, Charlotte, Maisie, Ella Cox Harriet
  • J13 1x Ben S
  • J13 4x+ Maisie and Ciara, Toni and Lucy from Hexham Cox Owen (Hexham) rowing in the boys race!!
  • J15 1x Michael
  • J15A 2x Will and Russell (Cambois)
  • J15B 2x Max and Fraser
  • J15A 4x+ Michael, Will, Russell (Cambois), Luke Cox Elysia

The following 9 crews were runners-up in the finals (2nd place):

  • WJ13 1x Charlotte
  • WJ13 2x Georgia and Charlotte
  • WJ14 1x Anna
  • WJ14 4x+ Anna, Lucy, Elizabeth, Sophia Cox Amelia
  • J13 4x+ Ben S, Jamie, Chris, Ben W (Hexham) Cox Owen (Hexham)
  • J14 4x+ Ethan K, Jamie and Joachim and Owen from Hexham Cox Lucy (Hexham)
  • J15 2x Michael and Luke
  • J15A 4x+ Chas, Tom H, Ethan K, Kaan (CLS) Cox Harriet
  • J15B 4x+ Max, Fraser and Max and Justin from Hexham

Well done everyone.

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