Hexham Regatta 2018

Building Blocks


Tyne United Masters Men had a very good outing at the recent Hexham Regatta on June 2nd.

It was a busy but very well organized event and fortunately, the forecast rain held off until late in the afternoon allowing a splendid days racing.  The TURC Masters 8 featured (picture 1)in one of the closest and most exciting races of the day. Racing Tyne Amateur Rowing Club, who had a 6 second start on a short course, the TURC crew made up the time difference and almost pipped their opponents to the line but it was not to be on this occasion (picture 2).   It was however, a very creditable performance for an 8 that has showed steady improvement in each of their outings during the Regatta season.

The Mens Master quad was drawn against a strong Hexham crew in the semi-final and this was a re-match of the Regatta race at Tees some weeks earlier. The TURC crew did not get off to a good start but during the race, made steady progress in recovering the pace while gaining on their rivals.  The Hexham crew were able to hold off the strong recovery and these rivals will certainly meet again at future events to renew their close competition.

In Masters F/G/H singles, Duncan Ferguson (F) was entered in field of six (4 F, 1 G and 1 H).  Although he made it to the final, but so did the very competitive Arthur Wood (H) from Cambois and due to the age difference Arthur had 15 seconds start.  Racing with the stream and a following wind over the short 660m course, Duncan chased down Arthur but found it impossible to even get an overlap before the finish.

Victory in Masters E/F doubles. There were five entries (2 E and 3 F). The regular partnership of Paul Freeman from Cambois and TURC’s Duncan Ferguson reached the final. At the suggestion of the “E” crew from Durham ARC the composite “F” crew declined to take the age handicap and enjoyed competition off the start, before racing through to win.

The Masters Mens crews are now looking forward to their next outing at Talkin Tarn on July 7th as the Regatta season draws to a close and the focus shifts to the Head Racing season and to an exciting second half of the rowing year.

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