Ponteland Head 2017 – Victor Ludorum Winners

Ponteland Head – Tyne United Junior Squad win Victor Ludorum Trophy

It has been confirmed that Tyne United Junior Squad won the Victor Ludorum Trophy at the 2017 Ponteland Head.

This is how our crews got on:

  • W.J14.1x 1st Anna, 4th Lucy C
  • W.J14.2x 1st Anna/Lucy, 4th Charlotte/Maisie
  • W.J14.4x+ 2nd Anna/Lucy/Charlotte/Maisie Cox Ameila
  • W.J14.4x+ 4th Ella/Sophia/Elizabeth/Georgia Cox Elysia
  • W.J15.2x 6th Harriet/Hexham rower
  • W.J16.1x 3rd Lucy F
  • W.J16.2x 3rd Lucy/Hannah H
  • W.J16 4x- 1st Lucy/Hannah/Dulcie/Catherine
  • W.J18.1x 5th Gia
  • J14.1x 2nd Ethan K
  • J14.2x 4th Ethan K/Sam L
  • J15.1x 1st Michael, 3rd Luke
  • J15.2x 1st Michael/Will, 7th Max/Fraser
  • J15.4x+ 1st Michael/Will/Tom H/Luke Cox Elysia
  • J16.1x 1st Ethan T-F
  • J16 2x 1st Matt H/Tom B, 2nd Ethan T-F/Mathew R
  • J16 4x- 1st Matt/Tom/Ethan/Mathew
  • J18.1x 4th Arun
  • J18.2x 1st Arun/Talkin Tarn rower

Well done everyone particularly the 6 girls who had their first ever race today.

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