Adult Learn to Row


Spring edition of Adult Learn to Row: An 8-week course starting on Sunday 7th April 2024 (10:00-12:00) and continuing until Sunday 26th May 2024.

If you cannot make this course, please email tyneunited.learn2row@gmail.com to express your interest anyway: If there are enough people, we can consider organising a course later in the year and will let you know if it happens.

We can guarantee that:

• You will find it amazingly rewarding when you get it right

• You will start to bore your family and friends about how great rowing is

• You will not be able look a stretch of water and not want to row on it

• Your body shape will change (in a good way!)

• Your fitness and flexibility will improve

• You realise that no one at your local gym knows how to use an ergo (rowing machine) properly

• Your car boot will be invaded by muddy wellies and bags of extra rowing kit

The 8-week course will start indoors with an introduction to our friendly club, shortly moving onto our rowing machines and indoor tank where you will learn the basic rowing technique and how to handle boats. After some sessions of practice, you will venture out onto the river, of course accompanied by some of our experienced volunteering club members. We strongly recommend that you attend all the sessions to avoid dips in your learning curve! Once you have completed the Adult Learn to Row course there will be an opportunity to hone your skills by continuing a Development programme and if all things go well, you are then invited to join the Club as a regular member, focusing either on recreational rowing or more committed race rowing – starting with the Sunday League run by Northern Rowing!

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