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Peel of approval

A chance for Richard Peel a lengendary former junior co-ordinator and coach to reflect on his memories.

Q What was your connection with TURC?

A Junior Coordinator and Coach from 2012 until 2017

Q What is your best memory of your time at TURC?

A It was fantastic. There are many moments worth mentioning from sunny evenings in the launch on the river to watching juniors in events.

Q What is your proudest rowing moment?

A Seeing juniors continuing to row after they have first learnt

Q What’s your favourite rowing venue/ event?

A Durham Regatta

Q How many bits of kit have lost?

A Wellies lost at one event

Q Who is your favourite sporting hero?

A Brendan Foster

Q What is your favourite book about sport?

A Will it Make the Boat Go Faster

Q Any box set recommendations for lockdown?

A None. Get outside instead

Q Your favourite music to fire you up before a race

A Chariots of Fire

Q Name you favourite cake?

A Battenburg

Q Any advice you’d like to give the club and it’s members?

A Carry on if you enjoy it

Q Are you still involved with rowing and what is your current focus?

A I still attend events as a spectator and take photographs which I put on Facebook. I am enjoying catching up with people’s news at events and watching the rowing particularly the juniors that I know.

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