Bolton out of the Red, White and Blue

Rowers on Ice?

Kathryn Bolton takes the spotlight this week, a very bright alumni of TURC who recently headed off for the frozen lakes of Calgary.

Q What was your connection with TURC?

A I learned to row at the club in the summer of 2011. i moved to Canada in the autumn of 2019, thus ending a (mostly!) happy 8 years at the club. during those 8 years i did stints as Treasurer, Secretary, Entries Secretary, joint Squad Coordinator, Trustee and launch fuel purchaser.

Q What is your best memory of your time at TURC tough one to answer, as I have many!

A What is your proudest rowing moment National Masters 2015 – Gold and bronze medals in the space of 2 hours!

Q What’s your favourite rowing venue/ event? I loved being a spectator at Henley Royal Regatta, the crowds, the atmosphere and the high quality racing. Strathclyde is my favourite place to race, if the weather cooperates. Also, A you also can’t beat the thrill/terror of racing on the Tideway.

Q How many bits of kit have lost? i stopped counting in about 2014

A Who is your favourite sporting hero? In rowing, I so admired Katherine Grainger’s shear determination to get her olympic gold. Also Andy Murray for bringing us that Wimbledon men’s singles win

Q What is your favourite book about sport? Andre Agassi’s autobiography Open

A Any box set recommendations for lockdown? Tiger King, any of the Chicago series, Manifest, Rubicon, Prodigal Son

Q Your favourite music to fire you up before a race?

A Depends on the race and the circumstances but Eminem Lose Yourself is usually a good one

Q Name you favourite cake?

A Miss Milburn’s cupcakes with extra butter icing

Q Any advice you’d like to give the club and it’s members?

A Do you bit to help out, however small.

Q Are you still involved with rowing and what is your current focus?

A I am a member of Calgary RC, but have yet to take to the water owing to the reservoir being frozen from October – April, then the corona virus.

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