Tyne LDS / TURC SBH 22nd October 2016

Tyne LDS results

There were the following wins:

  • J15 2x – Michael and Will (1st in class, 32nd overall)
  • J16 4x- Lucy F, Daisy, Hannah H and Dulcie (1st in class, 34th overall)

The following crews also took part:

  • J16 4x- Mathew R, Jed, Max (J15) and Ethan T-F (3rd in class, 21st overall)
  • J18 2x – Mark S and Josh H (2nd in class, 90th overall)
  • WJ15 4x+ – Elizabeth (WJ14), Elysia, Harriet and Taylor with Charlotte coxing (4th place, 93rd overall)
  • J15 2x – Chas and Luke (4th in class, 103rd overall)
  • J14 2x – Ethan K (2nd in class, 108th overall)
  • WJ18 1x – Abbi (4th in class, 119th overall)
  • WJ18 2x – Emily and Hannah L (2nd in class, 121st overall)

Well done everyone particularly to Hannah H, Josh H, Elizabeth, Chas, Luke and Emily who have only learnt to row this year.  It is quite rare to have juniors rowing in the winter heads in their first year and Elizabeth and Luke only completed the short L2R course a week ago.

Thanks also to Max and Elizabeth for “rowing up” an age group to help complete crews. Several juniors were not available for the event as it is half-term.

TURC SBH results

Fantastic singles results of Ethan T-F, Michael, Will, Thomas H and Lucy F. Well done Ethan. Excellent attitude to training prior to the event as well.  It pays off. Ethan beat all other single scullers from all squads in the club!

Thomas – what did you have for breakfast? What a fantastic performance from somebody who has only just started rowing and only been in a single a few times. Michael and Will had better watch out!

Michael and Will – a very good performance with Michael winning the J15 1x class and Will not far behind. Considering Will has not rowed quite as much in a single that’s brilliant. Let the battle continue!

Lucy F – well done battling it out with the older girls.  Good performance considering one of the rowers from another of our squads rowed into you during the race! Well done in teh quad in the morning as well winning the J16 4x- class

Any photos to dropbox@turc.co.uk

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