Wansbeck LDS / SBH: 1st October 2016

Coaches Report from Wansbeck

The junior squad had 5 wins on Saturday at Cambois Rowing Club on the Wansbeck.

The full TURC junior in the morning LDS results were:

  • 1st J16 2x Matthew Hudson and Tom Brewer
  • 1st J15 2x Michael Bessent and Will Viney
  • 1st WJ17 2x Lucy Fraser (WJ16) and Gia Smith
  • 1st WJ13 1x Charlotte Hudson
  • 1st J14 1x Ethan King
  • 3nd WJ16 2x Taylor Leck (J14) and Daisy Emerton
  • 5th WJ16 2x Hannah Easton and Shannon Elwell
  • 5th J15 4x+ Sam Law (J13), Max Forrest, Chas Ladhar, Tom Hyman Cox: Mathew Robinson
  • The TURC junior results in the afternoon SBH were:
  • 2nd WJ15 2x Lucy Cardno (J13) and Harriet Marshall
  • J16 4x- crew of Jed Anderson, James King, Matt Hudson and Ethan Taylor-Foley were the only crew in their category in the SBH but if LDS and SBH results are combined they were 2nd out of 3 crews.

Ethan King won a special prize for an outstanding performance for not only beating his J14 competitor but also beating the 3no. J15’s in singles in the LDS.

All the results are fantastic.  Well done in particular to Charlotte, Hannah, Shannon, Chas and Tom in their first proper race and to everyone for steering so well along the tricky course.  I think that must be the first time for years that nobody has crashed at Wansbeck. It is a tricky course.

If you have any good photos please share them to dropbox@turc.co.uk

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