Water Safety

Tyne United row on the River Tyne and can row from Wylam in the West right down to Newcastle Quayside, there’s lots of water to train on. It’s one of the best rowing rivers in the UK and the venue for some major regional and national races. The river Tyne is a dangerous river if not respected, if we treat the river with the level of respect it deserves it is one of the greatest in the world and provides some of the best rowing conditions.

This page provides links to general and River Tyne specific water safety information.

Guidance from Regional Safety Adviser following recent collision

A collision and capsize occurred on the morning of Saturday 23rd April 2016 in the middle of the river between the club steps and the slipway at Newburn sports centre. Boats involved were a fine 4- and a fine 2x. As a result of the incident report submitted to the regional water safety advisor the following points have been raised:

  • Boats should avoid performing a pivot turn in the middle of the river
  • Boats should either take a wide turn or a turn at right angles to the opposite bank and then cross the river allowing sight in both directions of oncoming boats
  • Boats should be extra mindful on outings where there are a lot of boats on the river for the need to keep an effective lookout

Row Safe

Here is a link which has details of British Rowing’s information on row safe. www.britishrowing.org/row-safe again Tyne United has the welfare of our members and people visiting our site high in our priorities, Jack Wilkinson is our Water Safety Officer, if you have any questions on this link please contact Jack.

Tyne Safety Code

The River Tyne Safety Code was developed jointly by all of the Newburn based clubs. The Code details what you need to know about local conditions on the Tyne and provides guidance to help to keep you safe on the river, including: which side to row on, where our training and beginners areas are and what hazards to look out for and avoid. The Tyne safety Code can be downloaded from this page.

Launch driving

If you are a launch driver please ensure that you have read the British Rowing Launch Driving document that can be downloaded from this page.

Online incident reporting

If you have an incident or witness one please use British Rowing’s online incident reporting – go to http://incidentreporting.britishrowing.org. This is not about blame or shame: it’s to help the club monitor risks and hazards and if necessary take action to improve safety. If we don’t know what little accidents or near misses are happening to you, we can’t do anything to help.

Tyne Map
Tyne Safety Code 2010
Launch driving
Water Safety Code