Water Safety

General Safety

British Rowing has an extensive safety section on their website, including the RowSafe guidance which we advise all rowers to acquaint themselves with.  

Water Safety on the River Tyne

When treated with the respect all large, tidal rivers should command, the River Tyne is a wonderful place to row.  Weather, tides, other river users and natural hazards can all influence the safety of an outing on the river. 

Rowers on the Tyne are asked to familiarise themselves with the following documents:

Tyne Safety Code 

Tyne Map – Wylam to Redheugh

Launch drivers are asked to read the extract from RowSafe:

Launch driving

Incident reporting

If you are involved in an incident or witness one please use British Rowing’s online incident reporting. This is important as it helps the club and British Rowing monitor risks and hazards and if necessary take action to improve safety. If we don’t know what accidents or near misses are happening, we can’t do anything to make things better in future.

TURC safety documents

Club safety policy

Emergency action plan

Risk assessments

Night time rowing policy 

First aid at TURC




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